Ready to Tame the Mane?

Ready to Tame the Mane?

Drop by our barber shop to get a Pro Haircut

You can don a fancy suit or strap on your favorite watch, but it won't matter if your hair is a mess. Come by Locker Room Wichita Falls for men's, women's and children's haircut services. Our experienced barber can shampoo and cut your hair any way you want. Need a crew cut? How about a slicked-back undercut? Whatever style you're going for, we can make it happen.

Drop by our sports-themed barber shop today to get a Pro Haircut. We provide free beverages and keep sports playing on our TVs all day long.

Create your own look

Locker Room Wichita Falls is your go-to family-friendly barber shop. We can cut your hair and wax your eyebrows while you relax and enjoy a free beer. Our Pro Haircut includes a:

  • Professional haircut
  • Tea Tree shampoo
  • Styling

Contact us right away to schedule a haircut appointment. If you want to take your chances as a walk-in, you're welcome to do that, as well.