Show Your Beard Some TLC

Show Your Beard Some TLC

Stop by our barber shop today for a beard trim

Tired of looking like a scraggly sailor? Turn to Locker Room Wichita Falls for beard trimming services. Whether you need to tame an overgrown beard or trim a tiny bit off your goatee, we've got you covered. At our sports-themed barber shop, you can grab a free beer, kick back and watch the game while our barber gets to work on your unkempt beard.

Come by our barber shop today to get a haircut and a beard trim. You can trust our barber to trim your beard exactly the way you want.

Are your eyebrows growing out of control?

Don't let your eyebrows connect. Get them waxed at Locker Room Wichita Falls. We can wax your eyebrows after your haircut or beard trim to keep you looking your best. You'll want to schedule an eyebrow waxing session because:

  • Waxing enhances your appearance
  • Waxing causes less irritation than threading and tweezing
  • Waxing can last for two weeks, whereas other hair removal methods only last for a couple of days

Come on down to our barber shop today to get your eyebrows waxed. We've got a free beverage waiting for you.